AL JAHAN is famous for its Designered Abaya and Hijab collection. We have largest variety of Designed Abaya collection from lowest to highest range, provide its customer customization option so we can customize abaya according to their size and required color. We provide pure fabric with unprecedented design aesthetic to create designer wear at an affordable price.
Our range of Abaya has something for everyone: Casual wear, party wear, formal wear, silk tunics and scarves. The overarching theme of the collections is providing affordable designer Abayas to the masses.
Established in the year 2000, the Abdali Traders owning AL JAHAN is thriving the textile industry. The reason we choose the name “Al JAHAN” is because it means Al: All and JAHAN : Family, which was clearly aligned with the brand mission that we had.
Our aim was to contribute in keeping alive the true Islamic culture and its values while keeping the design part in mind which could empower women to compete with the latest trends of fashion at the same time.